Voodoo Doughnuts – Portland, OR

This week Jack and I spent a day exploring Portland – the food carts, the sights, and finally…the doughnuts.


We got a lot of doughnuts, so read along if you’d like to see what we got and what we thought of them!

Jack and I shared a Voodoo Dozen ($13) where the employee chooses 13 doughnuts. I am a fritter lover, so when they didn’t put a fritter into our dozen, I had to order one extra.

It was so worth it.

Soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside, the apples were perfectly cooked and the cinnamon was excellent. It was huge too, so even though it was about $2.50, it could easily be the only doughnut you eat in a day. Both of my parents got a fritter as well, and while my mom found it similar to those you would get at a supermarket, my dad also found it life-changing.

Jack had the McMinnville Cream. Filled with Bavarian cream and topped with maple, Jack found the cream to be a nice surprise.


This purple beauty is the Grape Ape. It is covered with grape dust and lavender sprinkles, and was a fruity and refreshing take on a doughnut.


Mango Tango was Jack’s next choice, filled with mango jelly and covered with vanilla frosting and ‘tang’. Jack thought that the flavour was good, but there was a bit too much jelly.


The Diablos Rex is chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, with a few red sprinkles and vanilla icing. My sister ate this one, enjoying the chocolate chips in the middle but sad that it was so small.


As she still had room for more, Nicole ate her other requested doughnut, the Old Dirty Bastard. Covered with chocolate frosting, Oreos, and peanut butter, she found it to be “heaven on earth but with a little slice of hell to keep it interesting.” I couldn’t say it any better myself.


My mom requested the Portland Cream and found it to be very good and filling with a satisfying amount of cream. It is similar to the McMinnville Cream, but topped with chocolate instead of maple.


After a sizable amount of time had passed and there was a tiny bit of room for more, I had this chocolate coconut doughnut. The cake doughnut was nice and moist, and the coconut was a good amount considering the doughnut itself is very heavy.


My dad had the famed Bacon Maple Bar, $3. He thought that it was delicious, but, wonderful as it was, the bacon didn’t actually add much to the doughnut.


Next I had a chocolate doughnut, which, as with all Voodoo doughnuts, was light and fluffy with a thick coat of icing.


Jack and I split the Dirt Doughnut, with vanilla frosting and Oreos. It was fluffy as always, and the Oreos added some nice texture to the softness of the doughnuts.


Jack ate the Tangfastic doughnut, a cake doughnut with vanilla frosting, ‘tang’, and marshmallows in the middle. He was a bit overwhelmed by tang at first, but enjoyed it until the last bite and enjoyed the softness of the marshmallows.


This doughnut, dubbed the Triple Chocolate Penetration, is a chocolate cake doughnut covered in chocolate frosting and what appears to be Cocoa Puffs. Despite its name and appearance, Jack found that it actually wasn’t too chocolatey but was just the right amount.


This Buttermilk Bar Doughnut was a wonderful breakfast the next day. I was worried that it would start to dry out and get hard, but even after 21 hours of it’s beautiful life, it was still tasty, soft, and delicious. A real classic.


Jack and I split this Captain my Captain doughnut, which we unfortunately waited until the second day to eat. Although the doughnut was still awesome, the cereal had lost most of its crunch and the overall result was a strong taste of sugar with a lot of various soft textures.


Jack’s final choice was the Marshall Mathers. A plain cake doughnut covered in mini M&M’s, it was Jack’s favourite. He felt that, unlike some of the cereal doughnuts, the M&M’s crunchyness added to the doughnut instead of overpowering it. Similarly to the Triple Chocolate Penetration, he thought that the chocolate levels were good.


My final doughnut was the Peanut. A plain cake doughnut with chocolate frosting and covered in peanuts, it was nice but not my favourite. There wasn’t much of a reason to get this doughnut at Voodoo versus your usual supermarket variety.

The results are in, and although all Voodoo Doughnuts are delicious and 100% worth a trip, Jack’s three favourite were:

1) Marshall Mathers
2) Dirt Doughnut
3) Tangfastic

My three favourite were:

1) Fritter
2) Dirt Doughnut
3) Buttermilk Bar

Go try them yourself and comment below with what you think! What are your favourite Voodoo Doughnuts?


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