Engagement and Breakfast – Two Perfect Days

What a week it’s been!


I am so happy to announce that Jack, my boyfriend of nearly two years, asked me to marry him on Wednesday, August 12th at the Portland International Rose Test Garden.

And of course I said yes!!

For those who don’t know, our summarised love story is this: In September 2013, I moved to England in order to pursue my undergraduate degree. Jack and I lived with 6 other people in the same corridor and shared a kitchen, and on October 18th, 2013 we began dating. Since then, we have moved into a shared student house, finished our second year, and he’s spent two months living in the US to see if he likes it. We only have one year left of University, after which we hope to move back to Oregon to get married and begin our life together.

We are very excited and cannot thank everyone enough for your support and kind words!

If you would like to watch the engagement video that Jack put together, you can watch it below:

It is now a few days later and I have taken my attention away from my fiance and ring for long enough to go out for a wonderful breakfast with family.

We went to the Screen Door in downtown Portland, which I will warn you in advance, you need to make a reservation long before you actually plan on going. It is very busy, and very worth it.



The food is amazing, and portion sizes are usually huge:


Eggs Benedict with Roasted Potatoes


Eggs Benedict with Cheddar GritsP1010191 Ham and Pancakes (not pictured)P1010192

Pork Shoulder Hash (or something like that…it was a special!)P1010196Biscuits and Gravy¬†P1010195

Their famed…Chicken and Waffles

Having myself gotten Eggs Benedict, I was very happy with my meal yet still envious of my little sister (also Maid of Honour) and her Chicken and Waffles. That chicken is the real deal and lasts for three full meals.

I would definitely suggest going – everyone was very satisfied with their meal!

Thank you once again for reading, and don’t forget to check out our proposal video above!

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