Chicken Pot Pie

Ahh, Autumn.

The leaves get brighter, the days get chillier, and you can practically taste the holidays just around the corner…

For Uni students, tis the month for essays. And working. And wedding planning. And almost but not quite catching up on that reading you’ve been trying to stay on top of all term.

One day…

But as today is not that day, I thought I would share a recipe from She Wears Many Hats. Definitely check her out as well as the original recipe – I made a few tweaks to fit what I had, but I’m looking forward to trying her full recipe one day!

While letting some butter melt, chop some veggies.


And cook some chicken breasts or defrost precooked chicken.


Once the butter has melted, add in the veggies.


And let that cook until softened. Don’t rush this step and don’t feel discouraged by the pile of veggies – just shut the lid and let it steam for a few minutes until the carrots are starting to get soft. (I’m so sorry for this awful photo. My camera was doing so well until steam became involved.)


Add flour, chicken stock, and milk then let thicken.


Then add your chopped chicken, peas, and seasoning.


Yum. Yes please.

Now put the mixture into a pan and top with puff pastry. Make sure to add holes for the steam to escape.


Just bake and enjoy! This super easy dinner is lovely and tasty, and fed me and my fiancé for three days. The only other food that does that is a gigantic lasagna…

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