Fish Pie

Oh you British weather you, with your fake sunshine and sudden showers.

Winter is most definitely here in England. You know when it arrives because you suddenly need a new umbrella (I swear I just bought one), but the shops are all sold out of them. Parts of campus begin to resemble a large pond. Normal shoes are no longer an option – they must be waterproof and at least cover your ankles. Everyone begins to resemble multi-coloured penguins in their thick coats. The temptation to fill up with warm, thick food becomes difficult to resist.

British food is perfect for this. I love British food. I love its warmth and comfort, and the ability it often has to fill you up with good, (reasonably) healthy food.

This is one of my favourites: Fish Pie.

Pie with Name

Full of fresh seafood, a tasty sauce, and creamy mashed potatoes, it is perfect to fill you up without feeling too bad about it.

You can find the recipe at BBC Good Food.

The first step to a delicious and creamy Fish Pie is to boil the eggs. No, that was not a type. Eggs. In Fish Pie. Trust! Make sure to keep track of these – I boil them for 8 minutes then let cool in the hot water.


Next you’re going to want to get your potatoes going. You’ll need to make a lot, so give them plenty of time!

Eggs and Potatoes

Now we’re going to start on the fish! If you’re in the UK, you should be able to find a handy fish pie mix in your local store, but if not then get yourself half of a salmon and a near equal amount of white fish (both boneless). Make sure the skin is off before you begin cooking.


I used a fish pie mix (a mixture of Cod, Salmon, and Smoked Pollock).

Put this lovely fish into a pan along with the milk. (From now on, each picture is only half of the recipe. I’m only cooking for two!)

Fish in Milk

Now take your onion and cut it into quarters, and stud each quarter with a clove.

Quartered Onion

Add this and two bay leaves to your pan.

Fish, Milk, Onion, Leaf

Now bring this to a boil


Once it’s boiling, reduce the heat and cook for 8 minutes or until the fish is cooked through and flakes easily.

Now comes the minorly tricky bit: your objective is for the fish to go into your dish, the milk into a bowl, and the onion, leaves, and cloves into the trash. Save as much of the milk as you can, but ensure that you do not leave any onion in your dish! You will not be pleased with yourself.

Flaky Fish

Mmm, fish. Now flake it up into an even layer, then add your prawns on top.

Fish and Shrimp

Remember those eggs? Well hopefully they’re cooled by now (or nearly), so peel them and cut into as small chunks as you wish. In order to slice more easily, I find it helpful to hold the eggs.

Chopped Egg

Once they are your desired size, add them to the dish!

Egg, Shrimp, Fish

Along with some peas (optional, but adds some nice colour).

Egg, Shrimp, Fish, Peas

Add your parsley and return to the milk!

Yummy Milk

This stuff is liquid gold and will be the source of most of the flavour of your pie.

To make your sauce, melt your butter and add in the flour. Slowly add your milk while whisking to ensure it is smooth, and heat until thick. Add salt, pepper, and nutmeg. I added a bit of cheddar, as well.


Now pour this magical sauce into your dish!

Sauce on Pie

Finally, mash your potatoes with butter and milk until creamy, then top the pie. You can add cheese as well, if you wish.

Potatoes on Pie

Finally, pop it into the oven for about 20-30 minutes, until the top of the mashed potatoes begins to crisp. Enjoy!


Just a reminder, pictured is only half of the recipe. The full recipe could easily feed a family of 6+!

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