Pecan Pie

If there is one pie that I can never wait until the Holiday season to make, it is the pecan pie.

Sure, the seasonal favourite pumpkin pie is lovely (look for that recipe next!) but, for me, nothing compares to the salty sweetness of the pecans. Their wonderful crunch combined with the thick custardy-ness of the filling is enough to make my mouth water.

If only they had a pecan mocha along with the pumpkin spice lattes…

For a thick and tasty Pecan Pie, check out the recipe on Food Network.

First start with some butter, melt then add salt, corn syrup, and brown sugar. Mix and let it boil.


Add the pecans and vanilla – it definitely smells like the holidays now!


Remove from the heat and let it cool. Meanwhile, whisk some eggs together. After it has been cooling for about 5 minutes, add the eggs and mix well.


Now roll out your pastry. You can blind bake if you’d like, but I never have any issues with the crust being under baked. Just add your filling…


…and bake!


Trust me, I will not be waiting until next November to make this again. More like…next Wednesday. What better way to welcome in the New Year?


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