My Lasagna

I’ve been meaning to share this for a long, long time. It is my prised recipe, one which was partially from my Mom but which I have adapted, and it is so, so good. Not too saucy, not too cheesy, but just perfect. It is the tastiest lasagna ever!

First, start with your meat. You’ll need 1lb/500g of beef, and another 1lb/500g of sausage.


While this is cooking, chop up some garlic (2 or 3 cloves) and throw it in.


While the meat is cooking, gather your ingredients: lasagna noodles, tomato paste/puree, choppped tomatoes, ricotta, parmaesan, 1.5lbs/750g mozzarella (I have 2lbs here on accident), 2 packets of spaghetti seasoning, and tomato sauce/passata (I only used one of the two shown here).


Now your meat should be done cooking, so throw in your tomato sauce/passata, spaghetti seasonings, chopped tomatoes, and small can of tomato paste/a squeeze of tomato puree.


Mix this together and let it simmer for basically as long as you can stand to wait. Yes, really, that is my measurement of time here. It smells too good.


Yum! Now start your assembly: sauce, noodles, ricotta

Sauce, noodles, 1lb/500g mozzarella

Sauce, noodles, mozzarella, parmaesan (Yes, I forgot to take a photo of the noodles)

And it’s done! And it’s beautiful.


Now all you need to do is to bake it at 350°F/180°C for about 30-45 minutes, or until you can stab it in the middle with a knife and the noodles feel nice and soft. Remember: undercooked noodles make for bad lasagna. The cheese on top should be slowly turning golden brown when it’s nearing the end of the cooking time, but keep checking your noodles.

I’ll admit, I forgot to take a photo of the final lasagna (mostly because it was Jack’s birthday and it wasn’t in existance for long enough to take a photo), but trust me, it is glorious! Go make it today!

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