Chicken Pot Pie

Ahh, Autumn.

The leaves get brighter, the days get chillier, and you can practically taste the holidays just around the corner…

For Uni students, tis the month for essays. And working. And wedding planning. And almost but not quite catching up on that reading you’ve been trying to stay on top of all term.

One day…

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My Favourite Breakfast Recipes

Hi everyone!

I’m back in the UK but not quite back to cooking yet, so I thought I would put together a post on my favourite breakfast recipes! Almost all of these (except those which are family recipes and will be linked to as they are posted on this site) will be linked back to their original authors so be sure to check out the recipe there!  Continue reading

Easy Focaccia


The Summer months are wonderful when they’re in the distance, aren’t they? Warm and sunny, the sky full of puffy cumulus clouds. An iced tea to cool you down so you’re warm but not too warm. You can just feel those winter shivers subsiding for a few months so that you can finally fully relax.

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